SmartMenu - Creates Menù for Restaurants, Pubs, Cofee Bar, Eating House, Pizzeria

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Smart Menu
SmartMenu is a software to quickly create a intuitive Menù for Restaurants, Pizzerie, Pub, Coffee Bar, Café, Canteen, Taverns.

Using a powerfull database you can store all your dishes and their features, organized by category (for example: Antipasti, First Course, Second Course, Side Dish, etc.) and by sub categories (ex: Meat main courses, Fish main courses, Veg main courses, etc).

    Linguaggio Selezionabile: Italiano
    Selectable Language: English
    SÚlection de la Langue: Franšais
    Idioma Seleccionable: Espa˝ol
    Sprache Wńhlbar: Deutsch

You can insert up to 10 voices of menu.

You can store also other informations like:

  • Price
  • Calories
  • Recipe
  • Ingredients
  • If contains Sugar
  • If it is Alcoholic
  • If it is Aphrodisiac
  • If contains Gluten
  • If it is Vegetarian
  • Photo

SmartMenu has a powerfull function to create random menù based on parameters that you can set, for example, I want create a menù that the price is comprised in the range specified, or the total calories are between a minimun and maximun value.

SmartMenu has a few of free background, but you cand add yours.

In the menù creations you can choose if select manually a voice of menù that stay fixed, or if SmartMenu should choose it for you randomly.

In this updated version there is a Currency selector, so you can use this software in many countries.

The license you purchase is valid for installation on one computer, the one you sent the code.
Replacing the operating system also involves invalidating the license.

All the software was tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
For later versions of Windows, before you buy it, you must download and try the DEMO version, as it may not be compatible.

La licenza acquistata è valida per l'installazione su un solo computer, quello di cui inviate il codice.
Anche la sostituzione del sistema operativo comporta l'invalidazione della licenza.

Tutti i software sono stati provati su Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
Per le versioni di Windows successive, prima di comprarlo, dovete scaricare e provare la versione DEMO, in quanto potrebbe non essere compatibile.