ArkFinder - Duplicate file Finder

Duplicated File Finder Search Windows

ArkFinder is a file utility witch let you find duplicated files on your Hard Disk. He can a show
differences between files easily with graphics elements that permit a quick view of differences about
name, size, date and content of files.

You can also view these differences between files with a Hexadecimal and ASCII viewer
evidenziating differences byte by byte and counting them.

Increase the system performance!

  • Duplicate files can slow down your system performance because the system search
    file from unnecessary files. This clean file utility can help you!
  • These clone files also consume your hard disk space limiting the space available for
    your applications and data.
  • Cleaning clone files you reduce the time of your backup.
Increase Your productivity!
  • When You search your documents, music, photos, images etc. you can be shure
    that the file is unique not a already existing file.
  • In clean folder it is easier to find files.

Some Product Features:

ArkFinder can use different methods to compare file.

  • File Name
  • File Size
  • File Date
  • File Content (partially or full)
  • And more...

Other features of this tool:

  • View archives in Hexadecimal, Ascii
  • Count bytes differences between files
  • Evidenziate and Search differences between files
  • Seek different or equal file content with navigation tools
  • Copy Move or Delete (putting in the Recycle Bin or permanently) unwanted duplicate files.
  • Quick select files to delete, move, or copy.
  • Option to automatic rename duplicated files in the copy or move function.
  • Selection of multiple folder to scan
  • Option to include or exclude subdirectory search
  • Filter the search file selecting minimum and maximum file size, file name pattern and limiting
    the size of bytes to compare in the 'File Content' options (if you don't want analyze the full
    content of big files)
  • Show file property
  • Open folder in which the file resides
  • It launches the application associated with the file type
Duplicated File Finder Search Windows
Duplicated File Compare Hexadecimal
Duplicated File Comparing ASCII