SmartMenu - Software to Create Menu for Restaurants, Pizzeria, Bar, Pub

Tutorial 1 - Creating Menu
Tutorial 2 - Using Filters to Control Calories
Tutorial 3 - Entry Categories and Subcategories
Tutorial 4 - Setting Background Image
Tutorial 5 - Deleting Archives

Menu Creation

SmartMenu allows you to create the menu in 3 different modes:
  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Mix Automatic/Manual

  • Cliccando l'icona affianco

    Clicking the left button of the menu you can set the dial mode.

    (1) Indicates that the menu item to be selected is randomly generated according to the chosen category (appetizer, first, second etc ...).
    The item will appear in the menu after pressing the button (5) 'Create'.

    (2) In this mode (manual) is enabled to the right of the categories button (4). With this button you can directly select the menu item, and then it will be fixed.

    The state (3) indicates that we do not want to use a menu-item, that is disabled.

    The button (5) 'Create' is used to generate those menus that have been defined 'automatic', that is, with the button in the state (1).

    The creation of the menu can be made either by manual menu items (2) that the automatic menu items (1).


    Automatic creation (or partially automated) with the use of filters to limit price and / or calories of the generated menu.

    By using the 'Filter' (6) and (7) you can limit the selection of the automatic entries selected by the generator.

    You may for example indicate a minimum and maximum limit of 'Calories' or 'price'.

    In the event that the menu items in the archive are not numerous, and such is the range of calories too small is selected, it is possible that the items available do not provide a return at that price / calories. In that case the price or calories risultatnte after pressing the 'Create' button to appear in RED, otherwise the color is VARDE.

    If the total calories / price or the generated menu does not meet, press the 'Create' button.

    The items that were reported as fixed (ie manual selection (2)) contribute in the calculations.