Tutorial 1 - Overview
Tour on the general features of the application: crazione quick menu for restaurant
Tutorial 2 - Selection Plates
How to select the dishes to be included in the menu
Tutorial 3 - Setting Margins, Fonts, and Color Selection
Some parameters of the menu, font and color, size and setting margins
Tutorial 4 - Entry Categories and Dishes
Adding new categories and sub-categories of items in the archive
Tutorial 5 - Inserting Background Images and Selection Menu
Insermento, modification, etc. of the images to use as background for the restaurant menu, pizzeria etc.
Tutorial 6 - Select Background Image and Alignment
Selection and types of alignment of the background image while creating the menu
Tutorial 7 - Select Position Titles, Photos, Ingredients, distances between objects
Placing items on the menu, distances between objects, view photos, ingredients, etc.